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Working safely, at home, in the shop, or on the job site, should be a number one priority with everyone. Here you'll find articles and reviews of products to help you enjoy your craft while protecting yourself.

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Push Stick for Ripping
One of the most daunting woodworking shop tasks is ripping stock or parts on a table saw. Especially when the stuff is small and/or close to the rip fence. This simple push stick will calm your mind, give you confidence and allow you to better control the workpiece while making ripping operations.
Unless you’re using only hand tools, and don’t sand any of your surfaces, you’re creating dust in your workshop. Dust is a carcinogen when it’s inside your lungs. The smaller the particle, the deeper it can go in your lungs, and the more damage it can do in the long run. Don’t take a chance with your health. Follow these tips to ensure your dust collection is up to this important, and often overlooked, task.
Know Your Tools:Cyclone Dust Collectors
If you’re looking for a highly efficient, whole-shop dust collection system, then consider a cyclone collector.
There is one thing that all woodworkers share no matter what aspect of woodworking they participate in – as long as you are working with wood, you need to clean up a mess.  
These days, most of the bandsaws produced by the major manufacturers have some sort of hook-up for dust collection. However, most of them are set up for vacuum cleaner hook-ups and are usually not of sufficient size to hook up an effective dust collector.
Ideal for both small one-person shops and larger commercial outfits.
Solve your power tools dust connection dilemma with this handy hose kit.
This article focuses on dust collection for the wood turner, however, any woodworker who works with the woods listed below should take the same precautions when handling or working with these woods.
It’s a simple fact. The more time you spend in your shop, the more dust you inhale. For maximum dust control we recommend using an ambient air cleaner in conjunction with a primary dust collection system, supplemented by personal dust protection when appropriate.
In this article I'll discuss the cyclone dust collector: how and why it works, and what the advantages and disadvantages are for the home hobbyist.
When planning a new shop (or upgrading your current shop) it’s a good idea to consider both safety and convenience. In this article I will outline ways to enhance shop safety and make it more user-friendly, without incurring substantial costs.
Woodworking is a lot of fun, as long as you don’t hurt yourself.
For maximum eye and lung protection nothing beats a powered face shield respirator.
Whether you use an official dust collection system in your workshop or not, you are bound to need a shop vacuum.

Dust Collector Reviews


Laguna BFlux
Laguna B|Flux Dust Collector
Small footprint, great suction, decent size waste bag, good dust control, and super quiet - everything you need in a compact, small shop dust collector. 
Laguna P|Flux Cyclone Dust Collector
Superb performance from a full-featured dust collector built to last a lifetime.
A Reliable Workhorse for the Small Shop.
A 'top-of-the-class' cyclone dust collector that provides superior dust management for the small to medium size shop.

Dust Extractor Reviews

If you are looking for a highly reliable and efficient tool that does a great job of managing dust in the shop or on a job site, then the Festool CT26 is well worth considering.
The 446L has just about all the features you'd want in a high performance extractor for job site use.
There are shop vacuums, and then there is the FEIN Turbo III Wet/Dry Dust Extractor

A powerful, full-featured workhorse well suited for either the workshop or job site.
The ultimate in super compact jobsite and shop dust management.
Supercharge your Festool CT dust extractor, by converting  into a highly efficient cyclone extractor, increase your dust collection capacity by 50%, and significantly reduce your operational costs.
An excellent performer with large storage capacity, good suction, power tool activation, variable suction control, and top mounted filter

Personal Safety Product Reviews

RZ M2 Air Filtration Mask 
Lightweight, comfortable, effective dust filtration.
Howard Leight Sync Wireless Earmuffs
Comfortable, great sound, built-in microphone, and excellent noise supression make these a top choice for shop or jobsite.
elipse respirator
A light weight respirator that is comfortable to wear, and delivers maximum protection from the finest dust.
A lightweight, non-marring featherboard with excellent kickback control.
A great general purpose work boot - comfortable, light in weight, easy lacing, durable construction, and an oil, slip, and abrasion resistant sole.
timberland Pro Helix
Light, roomy, comfortable, with a safety toe and a durable sole.
Reinforced fingers (with long wearing Material4x fabric), padded palms to absorb shock, light weight, comfortable, snug fit, and washable.
Essential gear when working in the shop or on a job site.
Comfortable form fitting mask with a range of filters for specific applications.
Good noise reduction rating on comfortable to wear earmuffs.

A snug fit, and reasonably comfortable to wear, plus excellent heat and moisture control.
The most comfortable disposable respirator I've tried.