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FasTTracK Circle Jig Kit

If you are like me, jigs are normally a temporary construction of wood, hot glue and brad nails that can be broken down and discarded after they have been used. The circle cutting jig kit by R&D Bandsaw is not a jig that fits this description and it will be hanging around my shop for a while to come. The kit consists of two aluminum mini tracks, a circle jig point, a stop and a detailed plan for making the jig.

The circle cutting jig was very easy to put together with the included instructions; the whole project took under an hour to complete. Once assembled, it was time to put it through its paces. The jig uses an adjustable pin that you can move from left to right in the top track to dial in the radius that you want to cut. Once the radius is determined, you lock the point in position with the included Allen key. The track on the underside travels in the band saw’s mitre bar slot and gets stopped into the correct position by a bolt on the bottom of the jig.

To cut a circle, you simply set the radius, mount the square blank on the pin, advance the jig and blank until the stop engages and start turning the blank to cut perfect, repeatable circles every time.

This jig can also work with the band saw table at an angle to cut circles with bevelled sides. I can already see that this jig will come in very handy for sawing bowl blanks for turning. There aren’t that many jigs hanging on the wall in my shop but this one will live near my bandsaw ready to cut circles at a moment’s notice. The circle cutting jig kit can be purchased from and it sells for $33.95.

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